Maya Neumann Biography

I became a hat maker by default. On a trip though India in 1983, I started collecting religious headwear, drawn to the wonderful variety of textiles, colour, embroidery and styles. As luck would have it, that trip continued to Turkey where I serendipitously spent a couple of weeks with a Whirling Dirvish hat maker's family. Here I learnt how to make and block felt.

Returning to London, where I was then living, I prized the religious head wear apart and copied the patterns using my own textiles and trimmings. It was another year before I discovered that the hat block I owned was not a wig stand. In that year pumpkins, flower pots, woks and other implements were put to use to make my hats on. We all have to start somewhere!

I am largely self taught, working with the finest quality material available.  Everything is organic, environmentally sustainable and handwoven. I create stylish hats for interesting people who love colour and quality. The hats are classic, durable, light weight and malleable, making them perfect for travelers, gardeners, bushwalkers, boating, the beach but also for weddings and the races.  One hat for most purposes.


Maya Neumann Millinery at markets